Get your wellies out

Welcome to the conservation season. Just a few reminders.

We have updated the Fire and Safety, Tool Maintenance and Risk Assessment documents held in the green folder in the conservation van for you to reacquaint yourselves, please see attached, effective bedtime reading. This just give us all an idea of what the leaders are working with. We also have Accident and Near Miss forms in the folder, the leader will ensure these are completed as required but just so that we are all aware;

  • Near Miss – in the Conservation Van folder there are ‘Near Miss’ forms.  These form are for you to fill in if something nearly happens.  I then take this information and fill in our online Accident and Incident reporting database (AIRS).  It’s really only to gather statistics to inform of us future health and safety decisions.
  • Accident Forms – in the Conservation Van folder there are also ‘Accident’ forms.  Fill out the form as best you can with as much detail as possible.  Again I then fill out AIRS for the same reason as above.

On the day the conservation leader will be looking for two bonfire marshalls, we have very attractive high viz jackets, the fire marshall has to control what goes on the fire

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