Chat and Burn Day

The fires burned as bright as the volunteers last week on our Chat and Burn Day.  Even a down pour from the heavens did not stop the fun or the sausages from cooking.  The volunteers cleared a good area of brash and had a real giggle at the same time, and after the hard graft everyone gathered round for a well-deserved feast and natter.

John and Martin Leaders Extraordinaire, Fire Ryan, Trevor the Great, Patrick the Young, Roger the Photographer, you all did yourselves proud and I am so impressed with what a slick event you pulled off….. down to the last detail….. everything was perfect, including the crème de la crème food all sourced and crafted by John ‘Haute Cuisine’ Clarke….

And if the food was not enough our dearest Alastair provided us all with a bit of cheekiness in the form of an alcoholic beverage with our lunch…. many happy returns for your big birthday year Mr Duncan.

Steve and his musical partner were the cherry on the cake and performed beautifully – so our biggest thanks goes out to them both.

I have received some lovely feedback from the day.  It’s a real inspiration to me to see people so passionate about the work they do and the people they work with….. You guys are the life blood of the new forest and without you all I don’t know where we would be.  So thank you all for being what you are and giving so freely your time and energy.

Burn it All Fire Ryan Group 1 Tracey&Linda Group 2 the boys Group 3 Its Not Raining! Keeper 1& Keeper2 Martin&John On the Stove The Team VR Group What a Great Spread Video image

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